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LPI is a leading national provider of state-specific legal document solutions designed to help manage, protect and distribute your personal and business assets – quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.

We partner with highly-respected Financial Institutions and Trusted Advisors to offer a comprehensive array of Estate and Business Planning Solutions.

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Your accumulated wealth is at the center of many important aspects of your personal, family, and business life. Life Planning, Inc in Scottsdale. offers comprehensive legal services and legal document solutions designed to help you achieve your personal estate and business planning goals quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

Estate Planning

Have peace of mind by providing for your loved ones with an estate plan. We prepare state-specific documents that minimize the time your loved ones spend in probate and maximize the assets you leave them.

Business Estate Planning

All business must safeguard what they have built. We help you navigate regulatory complexity and structure your business in a way that protects your assets while allowing you to grow.

Asset Protection

The more successful we become in life, the greater the potential risks posed by creditors and lawsuits. Protect your legacy, your family, and everything you have worked so hard to achieve.

Probate Management

Life Planning, Inc.’s Mission is to help families avoid Probate – a lengthy and expensive legal process that’s required if you die owning property in your own name

Financial Institution Life Planning Program

Our program is designed to bring the top tax and estate planning professionals to a broader market, assisting families and business owners to achieve their estate, business, and asset protection planning goals.

Tax Mitigation Planning

Tax mitigation is important for successfully selling your business or shares of your company to stockholders. You need a cohesive strategy to lessen your tax burden that involves your assets.


Here are some common asked questions that can help you navigate the world of legacy planning.

If you die without a will, your property will be distributed by the state. The laws governing this process differ from state to state.

A living trust is an estate planning tool that allows you to control your assets while you are still alive. A living trust takes effect immediately after it is established, whereas a will takes effect after the creator's death.

A Last Will can also be called a testament. It is the document written by a testator that specifies what happens to the testator's property after death.

A Living Will is a written statement that details a person's wishes regarding medical treatment when they are no longer able to express informed consent.

There are three kinds of taxes: Income, Capital  Gain and Estate. First, there’s very little we can do to reduce income taxes. However, Living Trusts are generally ‘income tax neutral’ and will neither reduce nor increase the income tax you owe. Capital gains taxes may be minimized or eliminated in Community Property states, thanks to the ‘step up in cost basis’ afforded to Community Property. Finally, estates larger than $11.58 million per person are generally subject to the Federal Estate Tax. Spouses may combine their individual estate tax exemptions to shelter up to $23.16 million from ‘death taxes’.

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"Life Planning assisted me with drafting and recording a Deed. Greg was very responsive. He communicated throughout the process. Satisfied customer all the way around. Thank you!"
Raluca A.
“Life Planning and Greg helped me transfer titles to several houses. Could not have been easier to work with them, everything was done on time and at what I consider to be a very fair price. Saved me hours of work. Based on my experience, I highly recommend them.”
Steve A.
“Amazing service!!! Their professionalism is unmatched! The entire team treated us like royalty!!”
Chris H.