What's Most Important to You?

Keeping your money and asset safe? Protecting your family? 

Whatever your goal is, LPI can help you reach those goals and create a meaningful future for you.


Estate Planning

Estate planning allows you to direct how your assets are distributed to your loved ones. The associated documents are typically regarded as legally binding by most courts.


Business Estate Planning

As business owners, you would want your LLCs and Corporations protected. We assist you in structuring your business to allow for maximum growth while minimizing taxation.


Asset Protection

Asset protection allows you to protect your assets from litigation of various kinds. We use strategies to help you protect your money, reduce taxes, and grow your investments by beating the benchmark.


Probate Management

We help you to avoid probate court and probate disputes. Our professionals know how to move your process faster and create necessary documents quickly.


Financial Institution Life Planning Program

We provide you with Trusts, Powers of Attorney, and other related services so that your clients can benefit from customized estate, business, and asset protection planning.


Tax Mitigation Planning

We implement tax-saving strategies to reduce the burdens of taxation for you. If you plan to sell your business or assets, it is critical to employ tax strategies to help reduce your tax burden.