Tax Mitigation Planning
in Arizona

What is Tax Mitigation Planning?

As taxpayers, we have a responsibility to pay our fair share of taxes. However, the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) contains thousands of pages of tax-saving opportunities that most of us, including many of our CPAs, simply don’t know exist or how best to implement them. In conjunction with our elite Tax Planning Team, Life Planning, Inc. in Scottsdale can help high-income earners and high-net-worth individuals and families reduce the burdens of taxation, legally and effectively.

3 Tips for Selling Highly Appreciated Assets

It is important to call upon professional tax mitigation strategies in order to avoid the “snowball effect.” Over time, capital gains deferral can accumulate causing a type of “snowball” effect. All of that can be avoided by gradually and steadily absorbing the related taxes.
Ideally, you want to maintain capital gains and avoid related taxes, making the most out of your tax planning. Use the tax mitigation strategies of a professional tax consultant to reduce capital gains tax and make the most of your budget.

Establish a Budget

Ideally, you want to keep your capital gains while avoiding related taxes to get the most out of your tax planning. Use a professional tax consultant's tax mitigation strategies to reduce capital gains tax and make the most of your budget.


Strategic selling is a type of approach commonly used by investors to avoid missing out on a growth opportunity. The set-up requires that you talk to a financial advisor and agree on the strategy for gradual positioning. Decide on a calendar schedule to secure your strategy.


Your lifestyle during retirement may require you to set aside a budget early in life. You may also want to create a charitable remainder trust to help you avoid taxes. A charitable remainder trust, when done correctly, requires experienced legal advice and is irrevocable.